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Lead generation

Combining human & machine intelligence
High quality contacts

ComX combines machine learning technology with CRM growth hacking expertise to verify your leads. 

Account based

Account-based research methodology ensures that you always target the right company and that no double entries are created with your existing data.

Global reach

The ComX engine sources data from more than 350 million prospects globally to maximise outputs and quality.

The ComX Process

Get started within hours. Your Account Manager takes care of you all the way
1. Target

ComX CRM consultants work closely with you to define your target market and ideal prospect profile. ComX  data experts then get to work and build custom search setups for your specific target group. Your platform will be updated automatically with the correct and compliant contact data.

2. Craft

ComX has been in touch with a lot of prospects in the past. In fact millions. We leverage years of best practice experience, big data and industry knowledge as we craft unique one-to-one personalised emails that work exactly for you and your market

3. Contact

Our clients dont need to do a thing. The ComX automation platform kicks into gear using machine learning to deliver crafted emails at the right time to the right people. The ComX platform triggers well timed responses, follow ups and understands replies automatically categorising them for you.

4. Deliver

Hot leads are delivered straight to your inbox. Your team can focus on what it does best: consulting your clients and closing deals.

5. Analyse

ComX helps you get smarter every day. We monitor, tweak, A/B test and optimise your lead generation campaign on an ongoing basis. We deliver smart reports to you are always in the know.

"All of a sudden we could reach and book meetings with a very niche target group within weeks. The research alone would have taken us months, the ComX campaigns were ready to launch within days!"

Peter Gormann
Head of Business Development
Avira Safe Things

"We needed to build a sales org - FAST. Our global lead engagement was handled completely by the ComX platform. We have now been in touch and booked meetings with hundreds of prospects in Europe, US, Canada and Australia. The data engine is crucial for us to comply with the GDPR"

Patricia Iordache
Marketing & Partnerships Manager

“We did not only get more meetings but also a pipeline of hundreds of prospects who now know about Timemap. ComX is an extra pair of hands and even more”

Lars Rafn

Automated sales outreach

We contact the right person at the right time with the right message - be it LinkedIn or Email
One to one communication
ComX supports your sales team to reach key decision makers with personalised communication using the best performing channels
Triggered follow-ups
The ComX engine triggers follow-up emails based on activity, engagement and lead replies. The engine understands and categorises every reply you receive and gives actionable feedback
Account-based strategy
Our account-based sales cadences strategically target multiple key decision makers on each account - stopping and starting engagement where it makes sense

Automated Sequences on Social Media

ComX optimizes not only the communication but also the channel. We are where your prospects are - on social media or email
LinkedIn & Email
Personalised multichannel approach with ComX ensures you are top of mind with your prospects
Triggered follow-ups
Depending on the action of your prospect, ComX customises the message on LinkedIn or Email and ensures its the right interaction at the right time
Grow your network
Get in contact with prospects that interact with your communication, but are too busy to react. ComX allows you to grow your LinkedIn network through automised and personalised connections, following & messaging

Automated pipeline building

Your sales teams will receive hot leads in realtime - ComX helps to build a predictable contact base, eliminating repetitive tasks for your sales team.
Interested leads are sent directly to the inbox of your sales reps so they can prioritize conversations and close more deals
When prospects aren’t sales ready, the ComX engine automatically schedules follow-ups to catch them when they are
Learn from negative replies, get market feedback and understand why your prospect is not interested in your product right now or which competitors to watch

Intelligent lead identification

We analyse responses and only pass on qualified leads
Smart reply recognition
We analyse every response from each lead and categorise these using Google Tensorflow and machine learning
Smart inbox categorisation
The system automatically identifies out-of-office responses, bounces, positive, tentative and negative replies. The automatic follow-up feature will take care of them at the right time

GDPR Compliant Outbound

ComX helps their clients to do the right thing
GDPR is an opportunity
Data research and cold outreach is regulated in the EU from May 2018 under GDPR. At ComX we believe that these laws will benefit end users as well as companies and encourage businesses to act in a human and responsible way
GDPR compliant methodology
The ComX method has been built to comply with GDPR. Our platforms apply the necessary documentation to each contact in your database and make sure that you are in the know of who gives consent to be in touch and who not. This gives our clients 100% certainty about their contact data base
We are here to guide you
Ask your ComX contact person for documentation to learn everything about how GDPR affects your outbound strategy

Why use AI for B2B sales

Boost your team's efficiency

Work only with high quality leads

Lose fewer prospective clients

Improve conversions


All the integrations you may possibly need, we have you covered.
We connect with your Email
And we sync your CRM data

"ComX helped us significantly accelerate our inside sales strategy. We generated 100s of warm leads within months and created the base for our pipeline for the whole year"

Michael Baumgartner

"ComX has helped Passendo to kick off our international sales in 6 countries simultaneously. We were able to identify the right stakeholders and take meetings with key decision makers in our target group across all over Europe within weeks."

Anders Rasmussen
Founding Partner at

“Our outbound leads now represent 43% of our revenue, up from 0% last year. ComX has been pivotal in achieving this and we expect it to increase to more next year.”

Allan Kristensen

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