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The GDPR compliant outbound platform

Find, engage and convert your leads faster
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Find, engage and convert leads faster

All in one B2B sales automation

The ComX data engine cleans, verifies and grows your existing contact database using fully GDPR compliant methods

No cold calling

Get your sales team connected to the right decision makers in your target market at the right time. Stop wasting time on manual research and outdated CRM entries

Transparency & documentation

Make sure only verified leads enter your CRM. Save up to 70% of your teams’ time by only having verified conversations

"All of a sudden we could reach and book meetings with a very niche target group within weeks. The research alone would have taken us months, the ComX campaigns were ready to launch within days!"

Peter Gormann
Head of Business Development
Avira Safe Things

"We needed to build a sales org - FAST. Our global lead engagement was handled completely by the ComX platform. We have now been in touch and booked meetings with hundreds of prospects in Europe, US, Canada and Australia. The data engine is crucial for us to comply with the GDPR"

Patricia Iordache
Marketing & Partnerships Manager

“We did not only get more meetings but also a pipeline of hundreds of prospects who now know about Timemap. ComX is an extra pair of hands and even more”

Lars Rafn

AI driven outbound technologies

ComX increases your sales team's’ efficiency by 70% per sales rep
Automated Lead Generation

ComX combines machine learning algorithms with growth hacking expertise to build and sustain your CRM databases. Our clients use the ComX algorithm to ensure that only relevant companies are targeted, that all personal data is processed according to EU regulations and your CRM data remains clean and compliant

Automated Communication

The ComX communication engine establishes first contacts or nurtures existing contacts, via channels such as Email, LinkedIn or Whatsapp.
Our clients sales teams use it to ensure they are top of mind and personally engaged with their target group

AI For Faster Decision Making

The ComX platform helps you to learn faster from your data. It understands each communication stream taken with your target group and categorises them so you can take action. The system identifies out-of-office responses, meeting requests, tentative or negative replies. The automatic follow-up engine will take care of them at the right time. Automated alerts make sure that spam is a thing of the past

Analytics And Reporting

ComX alerts you automatically about any actions the system recommends. Each conversation is available and archived for your records

Why use AI for B2B sales

Boost your team's efficiency

Work only with high quality leads

Lose fewer prospective clients

Improve conversions

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All the integrations you may possibly need, we have you covered.
We connect with your Email
And we sync your CRM data

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ComX has the goal to make sales more human. We have a big passion for building B2B sales operations.
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"ComX helped us significantly accelerate our inside sales strategy. We generated 100s of warm leads within months and created the base for our pipeline for the whole year"

Michael Baumgartner

"ComX has helped Passendo to kick off our international sales in 6 countries simultaneously. We were able to identify the right stakeholders and take meetings with key decision makers in our target group across all over Europe within weeks."

Anders Rasmussen
Founding Partner at

“Our outbound leads now represent 43% of our revenue, up from 0% last year. ComX has been pivotal in achieving this and we expect it to increase to more next year.”

Allan Kristensen

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