ComX is a software company that focuses on making B2B sales more human.  

  • We believe that customer interaction should be pleasant, engaging and productive - not only for sales people but also their clients.

  • Since 2013 - ComX has built products that strive for operational excellence using Machine Learning and AI for Sales.

  • ComX integrates with CRM solutions such as Salesforce, Pipedrive, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, Zoho and many more

Global Reach

ComX facilitates 1000s of meaningful interactions daily - all over the world
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Our story

ComX was born out of the challenges that sales leaders and marketers face in their everyday.  There had to be a way for sales teams to spend meaningful time with their clients without being dragged away by repetive, manual tasks.

Today, ComX solves the two bottle necks that prevent sales teams from being productive: low data quality and manual low impact tasks.

For hundreds of Sales teams, the ComX platform finds the right people that are relevant based on public data and engages them in a GDPR compliant way using machine learning and the best from human marketing expertise.

Our team consists of engineers, data analysts and growth hackers based in our offices in Copenhagen, Berlin & Cape Town.

Our Offices

Cape Town

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